Asociatia "Martorii Lui Iehova" din Romania

      1.      “Jehovah’s witnesses” Association in Romania, a moral juridical person, is formed of creatures devoted and loyal to God’s arrangement. They have come together to be able to work in a common goal according to His purposes and to do so in peace and harmony, without quarrel or conflicts, but on the contrary, effectful and with an ever active calmness, in a pleasant condition of the heart and mind. To all of you who want to cooperate with us to fulfill the Divine will, we welcome you! Knowing ahead of time the benefits of unity in His people, God left Ecclesiastes 4:9,10 written for us.

      2.      Jehovah, the God of organization and peace, has had faithful witnesses on Earth from the beginning until today, starting with Abel, the prophets, Jesus, the apostles and disciples until the days of the end. 1 Corinthians 14.33; Hebrews 12.1

        In 1945, after the end of the second World War, the Lord’s organization was one and the same all over the world. At that time, Jehovah’s witnesses in Romania have formed a legal entity as a moral juridical person, named “Jehovah’s witnesses Association in Romania.” There were no other groups or associations with the same name at that time.

Between 1945 and 1948, Jehovah’s witnesses in Romania have progressed united in the clean and unspotted worship of their Creator.

       Given the post-war global circumstances, the Watchtower Society gave instructions on how to act, should an association be dissolved and declared illegal in a country.

- August 29 1947, Informant, Brother Rutiman:

      “...Brother Knorr wrote me:”Should the brothers be separated from their mother, then a decision must be made so that for their instruction they will hold to the Bible only and will not follow a certain man, even if this man would follow the Bible...”

- Annex to No. 6 Watchtower 1948, “Love of man for man”, pages 28-30:

       “...Not to lift certain creatures, but to illustrate the right path of action, especially under violence, we shall mention a practical example from this decade. Germany and the countries invaded by the troops of the Nazi leader have already been mentioned in these columns. After the Nazi leader of the German people had dissolved the German Watchtower branch, burned the literature and transported to prison and concentration camps witnesses of Jehovah, with the purpose of defeating their organization and to break their connection with the central office in the United States, these servants of the gospel continued to obey Jehovah God, without having any contact or communication with the president of the Society or the branch servant. Similar conditions were also present in Asia, where allies of the Nazi regime attacked a number of countries through brutal aggression. In the Philippines, before the cowardly attack of Pearl Harbor, the Watchtower Society had a local branch office with a few brothers stationed there and with 373 preachers of the Kingdom spread throughout the many islands. Then, the Japanese warlords sent their troops to invade the country. They quickly took everything under their control and caused a spreading of our brothers. The local organization of Jehovah’s witnesses was dissolved, and the branch servant was seized along with other brothers and sent to a concentration camp, forcing those still outside to work underground, unidentifiable from the outside, but continuing to fulfill their service..

      What were they to do now? Did they stop from lack of instructions and just sit idle and say “we can’t work as servants of the gospel until we receive instructions from the president of the Watchtower Society, telling us what to do under these dangerous circumstances?” NO! They don’t ask any human creatures about what they were to do now. True, they were separated and spread all over the country, not having a visible organization to connect together all the groups of God’s people. They did not have a branch office with a servant present there; they did not have any secret means of communication with the American corporation of the Watchtower Society. But they had the written Word, by which the Lord God speaks to those who have ears to hear, and they had access to His Word, whether by copies of it with them, or by the teachings and instructions written in their hearts to consult with.

      Two years later, after the day of victory over Japan came , prisoners were released in the Philippine Islands, including the branch servant and the branch office was reopened. A calling to action for God’s service was sent out,  not only to the group that was in existence before the war, but to a total of 1033 preachers!

       During the time of disperse and underground activity, those witnesses looked straight to God and consulted His Word and what they had learned from it. They did not cease to confess with their mouths to others during the time of trouble, but had went ahead preaching, being wise as snakes  yet harmless as doves. They had listened to what God through Jesus Christ had ordered them to do. The Lord God has blessed this brave obedience to His Word and gave them such a prosperity that when the president of the Society attended an assembly in Manila, in the first days of April, there were 2200 Pilipino brothers and sisters and 4200 individuals came to listen his public lecture about “joy to all nations.” Today, there are more the 2700 preachers of the Kingdom in the islands and approximately 5000 people attend the biblical study meetings held by these witnesses. Romans 12:11-13.

      3.  In the communist countries, the local branches of Jehovah’s witnesses became direct targets and were dissolved in a vicious attempt to erase from existence these witnesses of God’s Kingdom. This occurred in Romania, too, in March of 1948.

After the activity of the organization was declared illegal, a period of difficult trials, both physical and spiritual, and persecutions, came upon the brothers.

Many brothers and sisters, being wrongfully accused, were sent to prison to serve between 10 and 20 years terms. Others were sent to forced labor in Baragan, suffering persecutions, beatings, trials, repossession of literature...Spiritually, many remained faithful even dying in prison, but others disobeying the instructions of the Society, produced and began to spread literature in the form or typed notebooks, without including a number or author.

Below we present the instructions of the Society, by which such actions were forbidden with their knowledge and consent:


A)  August 29 1947, Informant, Brother Rutiman

      “...The Bucharest branch is the only recognized point of entry for literature in Romania; it alone provides brothers with the literature of the Society. The Society does not recognize other suppliers of literature and outside of the established organization, which operates based on the Organization instructions, with it’s groups and circuit servants all over the country, the brothers are to not receive instructions from anyone. I believe that I can safely assume that nobody is in doubt about this in Romania...”

B) May 1 Informant, subtitle “Trouble causing work”    

       “...We are asked from Brooklyn how is it that many more thousands of brochures have been reported in the field service, than what is shown on the storage report as printed and distributed? When preparing the service maps, surprising things come to surface in certain groups. For example, in a group where 29 preachers worked for 6 months, 3218 brochures have been spread, with 547 coming from the Society and 2771 from an unknown source in the organized group. The brothers thus worked for selfish men who in the name of God put into their pockets the double price of brochures; for this reason, the Society cannot publish new brochures for the work. In the same group, a similar situation is present with the Good Hope. Three quarters were kept for them for different reasons, and the weak, limp and few, sent to the Society, while keeping the fat one for themselves. The group servants are responsible for allowing these things. If they themselves do these things, the heavier their burden is. The Society did not organize groups so that some would work for Peter and some for Paul in the name of Jehovah and under the protection of the rights of the Society. We therefore ask our brothers to remove this leaven from the groups where it is present...”

C) Sifting of the Harvest, pages 34,35, subtitle “Printing and binding books”

    "Books, brochures, magazines and other literature of the Society for Europe will be done and printed only at the above mentioned establishments. All such establishments will receive orders for print from the Brooklyn central office. All materials and papers will be purchased based only on approved requests from the central office in Brooklyn. The shape, form and quality of all prints will be determined by the central office in Brooklyn.

The above establishments in Europe will proceed with printing only after a request from Brooklyn has been received to commence work; the instructions will be closely followed in what regards shape form etc. No other books or literature will be shipped from Brooklyn, except by an outstanding order coming in; 2 copies of each new publication from the local branch offices will be immediately sent back to the central office in Brooklyn...”


The copied texts do not correspond as far as shape or content with the original literature received until 1948. For more information on this topic, we are available for you to compare typed writings with the Watchtower.

These typed writings continued  to appear until eventually they had illustrations and distanced themselves further and further away from the truth. In Romania, around 1968-1970 new magazines came in which the explanations regarding the “Higher Powers” of Romans 13 and the topic of religion were totally changed and misapplied.


These changes of Biblical explanations have determined us to carefully search in the light of the Scriptures these materials and seeing the striking difference between the new magazines and those received until 1948, we separated from those who supported the new teachings.

Continuing to study the matter, it was noticed that the change of explanations began with the notebooks which entered Romania without the approval and control of the Society, after 1948, which determined us to separate in 1972 from those who supported such notebooks, which included references to the “New World translation.”

Although many debates and differences of opinion arose from the separation of the different groups, us who remained with the original literature, that came until March 1948, were in a nationwide unity, through regular Bible studies and preaching activity.

      Thanks to Jehovah’s mercy, who kept us alive, immediately after the fall of communism we have formed an association and re-registered as “Jehovah’s witnesses Association in Romania”, a moral juridical person. (A.M.I.R.)  

      Due to the fact that some of the brothers who were members of the “Jehovah’s witnesses Association in Romania” that was declared illegal in 1948, were still alive in 1990 and keeping the exact same principles of faith, considering ourselves the continuation of the same association we took the decision to re-register under the same name, according to the request submitted to the Cluj-Napoca Courthouse, and approved on February 2, 1990.

      After A.M.I.R. was registered on February 2, 1990, those who produced and supported typed notebooks also registered, but with a different name, “Association True Faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses” (C.A.M.I.R.), a name that cannot be found anywhere in any literature of Jehovah’s witnesses. (see the 1945 Informant, to determine if they acted in a right manner)

      Later, the Religious Organization of Jehovah’s witnesses was registered, followed by the “Christian Association of Jehovah’s witnesses”, similar in doctrine to C.A.M.I.R.

      The “Jehovah’s witnesses Association”, back in legal stand after 42 years of interdiction began its activity with 2 major biblical lectures, one on March 11, 1990 and the next on March 25, 1990; pictures of those assemblies can be seen in the Photo gallery of this site.

      We continued with biblical lectures in most cities of the country, and then with house to house preaching activity, organized before biblical lectures, or preaching activity without biblical lecture following it. Besides the preaching work done by A.M.I.R., each preacher from the groups began to use the areas close to their homes to witness, which is also done today.

      For their instruction, Jehovah’s witnesses study the Bible and the original literature edited under the control of the Watchtower Society until 1948, regularly, twice a week in groups. From this literature we clearly understood that it is the duty of each consecrated Christian to preach from house to house and in public:

a) 1947 Informant “Consecration means service”

b) Publisher of Jehovah’s Name, no. 5, 1937 “Work”, page 88, paragraph 38:

    Satan, the wily foe, now tries to induce those who have started in the way of life to become negligent, grow cold and then repudiate Jehovah. Those who take the position that the major part of the work concerning the great multitude takes place after Armageddon and who insist on that position, are hurrying along the road to certain destruction. There would be no reason why the Lord would give promise that those who seek meekness and righteousness may be hid in the time of His anger at Armageddon if there were a better chance for them to be of the great multitude after Armageddon. It is the right and privilege of the people of good will now to hear the truth, and God commands His witnesses to carry the truth to them, and a failure on the part of those commissioned so to do means their own destruction. Furthermore the Lord declares that not only does the bride class engage in proclaiming the Kingdom message, but those hear that message are obligated to take it up and bear it on to others, saying to them:”Come, and take of the water of life freely.” (Revelation 22.17) Those who are of good will, the Jonadabs, the “other sheep” class of the Lord, are therefore obligated in the present time to participate in  proclaiming the message of truth to others.

c)  Watchtower, 1937, March 1st, Jehovah’s provisions, part 3, paragraph 30:

     Likewise, at the time of the coming of the Benjamin class the Lord Jesus Christ ordered a feast to

be made ready, but there was a considerable period of time elapsed before the identification of all concerned and until all together began to partake of that feast. For some time the question was an open one, as to whether the Jonadabs or persons of good will should participate in the house-to-house witness work or not, but in due time the proper relation was seen and that it is the privilege of all these to have a part in tile work. Then the time arrived when the Lord revealed to all who love and serve him that the “feast of tabernacles” foretold the feasting together of the anointed remnant and the people of good will who form the great multitude, and this was first made known by the Lord to his people in the early part of 1936 although the preparation for the feast progressed before that time.

d) Watchtower, 1945, June 15, Righteousness and Salvation, paragraph 27

     Look at Revelation 22: 17, which is a prophecy that applies when the truth of life is flowing forth from the established Kingdom of God by his Christ, and when the Bridegroom has come for his "bride", the church. There it is written: "’Come,’ say the Spirit and the bride. Let everyone who hears this say, ’Come !’ Let everyone who is thirsty come." Let anyone who wants it come and take without cost living water." (Goodspeed) The meek "other sheep" are hearing the invitation of Christ Jesus, who is inspirit at the temple, and which invitation the remnant of his bride" yet on earth join in announcing. The meek ones hearing are therefore under obligation and command to say likewise, "Come!" This obligation is laid upon them by the Bridegroom, Jehovah’s great Anointed Preacher. And rightly so; because the rule is that, to be saved, one must not only hear and believe with the heart unto righteousness but also confess with the mouth in the presence of others. Therefore the "other sheep", as they are gathered to the "one fold", must make a confession, the same as the anointed spiritual remnant are obliged to do. There is no difference in this regard between spiritual Israelites and the "stranger" class who come out from all nations, kindreds, people, and tongues. For this reason the prophecy in Joel 2:32 emphasizes that "whosoever shall call on the name of Jehovah" shall be delivered and saved.


     However, some of our brothers did not accept the registration of A.M.I.R. nor the witness work and separated from us, saying that these things are the exclusive duty of the remnant class.

     The following is evidence that proves that the “great multitude” has the same service duties regarding the registration and the witness work:

a)  Watchtower, 1931, December 1, Delivering the testimony, paragraph 20

      As our Lord and Master Christ Jesus when on earth was in the world, but no part of it, and as he commanded those of his followers to obey the laws of man which did not conflict with the laws of God,

even so it is with the members of the body of Christ on earth that go to make up “Jehovah’s witnesses” now. (Matt. 22: 21) There are two ways by which a company of people may collectively hold title to property, to wit : (a) By one or more persons holding title in trust for the entire company, and (b) by a company forming a body corporate or corporation. The latter is the more convenient, because a body corporate is considered as having a perpetual existence, and there is no necessity for the changing of trustees.

      You can notice that the Gibeonites had nothing to do with choosing or naming Levites in their service, but they helped the Levites who were placed in service by the Lord’s choice. The Gibeonites were made wood cutters and water bearers symbolized the servants who fulfill the service given to them by the priests of the Lord, meaning the anointed of the Lord’s house. The Gibeonites put their trust in Joshua that he will rush to their help in battle and when they were in deep trouble they asked for Joshua to come to their help and said “Don't slack your hand from your servants.” (Joshua 10.6)

     This shows how “other sheep” or members of the “great multitude” rely on the Lord Jesus and the anointed members of His Body to lead them in battle, and they do so for their protection and help. They ask the anointed ones to be zealous in this and all who have the Lord’s spirit rush to service to bring help to the “other sheep.”

     The Gibeonites had to serve together with the Israelites which shows that other sheep take part in the service and do what the Lord’s organization instructs them to do. Some Gibeonites have later helped David and were placed in key positions. 1 Chronicles 12:1-4. From this, we can see that Ismaiah from Gibeon was placed above others in the group, because of the fact that he received a service duty. This illustrates that the class he represented, meaning people who form the great multitude are placed in key positions of service in the Lord’s organization, although they are not members of the anointed organization...”

     Besides the fact that A.M.I.R. has spread the gospel of the Kingdom to people who don’t know JEHOVAH GOD, they also wrote and verbally invited all those who take on the name “Jehovah’s witnesses” and who besides other materials, also study the healthy literature up to 1948, with the sincere desire to remove the differences between A.M.I.R., C.A.M.I.R., and A.C.M.I.R. and other separated unregistered groups.

     A.M.I.R.’s intention in this matter was and still is to present the truth and the true condition of things because all sincere ones have the right to know them, in order to take a stand, and not to weaken other groups or to gather new adherents, but to unite again in the happy service for JEHOVAH, all those who feed from the Source that springs in a theocratic manner from Jehovah God.

    Watchtower, 1924, April 1, The Christian’s Strength, paragraphs 45,46

     Frequently there is trouble in classes amongst professed brethren in Christ. They fight against each other. They form separate classes in the same town, to the dishonor of the truth and the kingdom. They think that they are serving the Lord. They are not. There is no division in the body of Christ. Nehemiah, instructing his men, said: "Fight For your brethren." He did not say: "Fight against them." There is strength in unity of action. Christians are strong when they fight for each other under the banner of their King.   


     A simple illustration may help us to understand this point: Four strong, vigorous bulls fed together for many days in the same green pasture. They were always close together. An envious lion lurked in the

underbrush near by, and watched them. He was afraid to attack the four because they stood together. He set about to awaken jealousy among them, and succeeded in doing this. The bulls soon separated, and went to different parts of the pasture. Taking them one at a time, the lion attacked and killed all of them. The moral is that Satan is lurking about to destroy the members of the Church. While they stick together, tm cannot do it. If he can cause jealousy among them and war among them, he can succeed. Do not help the devil. Fight for your brethren.


    For those interested, we are at your disposal with the invitations sent and recordings from such meetings.


   For collaboration, we wish to be contacted at and at our central office: E. Isac St., No. 6/1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 


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